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10 Principles in Life


I was attending one of the educational session held by the company. There are few things that I able to learn from the speakers.

  1. Do not make the problem smaller, make yourself bigger and stronger.
  2. We must appreciate and carefully use the water since the fresh water is almost running out.

Last but not least, 10 principles in life.

  1. Decide on what you want
  2. Know your own strength
  3. Develop your core competency
  4. Get people around to support you (family, friends etc)
  5. Visualize your future
  6. Take action
  7. Ask for feedback
  8. No failure. It just part of the learning process
  9. Celebrate your success
  10. Give back to other. The more you gives, the more you get back

So, start planning towards your dream.

Free planners can be found here